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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  September 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now on benjamin franklin parkway performances for the festival of families began a half-hour ago. pope francis will make an appearance tonight with an a-list of performers, aretha franklin and andre bocelli and the philadelphia orchestra. you can see thousands have gathered for the festival and get a glimpse of pope francis. it's been an eventfully for the pontiff in philadelphia and an eventful day for the city. just over an hour ago the pope gave a speech on immigration and religious freedom. among them walter perez, the pope spoke of compassion for immigrants. >> reporter: he did, jim, it was extraordinary how quiet the
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crowd got as the pope approached. feelings intensified, he talked about immigration, religious freedom and to tolerance. his main theme was protecting the poorest and the weakest among us. >> we remember the great struggles which led to the abolition of slavery, the extension of voting rights, the growth of the labor movement, and the gradual effort to eliminate every kind of racism and prejudice directed at the successive waves of new americans. and once again the strongest reactions he received from this deeply diverse crowd seemed to come when he discussed immigration. among those in the crowd was
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philadelphia managing director richard negren who is the son of cuban compiles. he is visiting -- >> what great city welcoming him. >> reporter: the pontiff shared his belief that globalization is not a bad thing, but it is when it strips away culture and history. the pontiff asked the crowd to pray for him a little bit. reporting live from independence hall, walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> reporter: thank you, walter. let's begin at the start of the day, it was a he will is abrasion -- celebration at philadelphia international when shepherd one arrived at 9:42 when the pope made his way to the ground level. the bishop shanahan mannerring
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band played the -- marching band played the theme from rocky. the next top was the cathedral basilica of paints peter and paul. before going into mass, francis turned around twice to wave to the people standing outside. he walked down the aisle in the church holding a large staff with a crucifix while the choir sang. in his homily the pope said the future of the catholic church in the united states requires a much more active role for lay catholics, especially women. >> it means valuing the immense contribution which women, lay and religious have made and continue to make to the life of our communities. >> reporter: after mass, pope francis stopped to greet
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worshipers and blessed children in wheelchairs. he gave some of them a kiss on the after mass pope francis received a warm welcome at saint charles borromeo seminary in wood -- wynnewood. that's where he will be saying. they greeted him with chant from 2010 which starts with lord save our father. 150 seminarians serenaded the pope who went inside and rest up for the later events. i want to bring in my colleagues rick williams and monica malpass and brian and sharrie williams. let's start with monica and rick. >> reporter: jim, good evening, the pope's visit to philadelphia is a if a they will of a --
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finale of a 6 day journey to the united states. we have watching every stop along the itinerary. it's steeped in spiritualty, week here jackie evan cho singing from the phantom of the opera. thousands of people are flooding on the parkway. it's a world class end to the world meeting of family in the city. the city has risen to the occasion on every level to the wonderful anne behaved joyful crowd who are so kind and compassionate. swells to the security and the set up the beauty of the backdrop we'll be watching the concerts from the parkway. we want to take it to nora muchanic along the parkway to see how it's going from her vantage point tonight. >> reporter: hi, monica, things
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are going great tonight. there's a sense of excitement on the parkway. i want to take a look at how deep the crowd is here.10, 20 p. every time one of the motorcycles go by. all the cell phones go up because they think something is happening. a couple of folks came from orlando. you can hear they are chanting. tell me why you made the trip why the holy father was important to you. >> pope francis is a unique and life's story. we came from orlando florida in two buses we are excite the to be here and have this experience. >> hang on one second. i want you to talk to gentleman right here who managed to get a sneak peek at the pope today, because after the mass, this is dale mitchell tell me what happened? >> he appeared in the window
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for 6 to 8 seconds and waved to the crowd. >> and what happened did the crowd go wild? >> the crowd went wild. >> reporter: dale try toed to get it on his camera, it's just a little speck. everybody on the parkway is great they are waiting for the holy father to go by. i'm nora muchanic back to you guys. >> reporter: nora is on the parkway near the basilica. let's go down toward eakens oval where the lucky ticketed folks are watching the concert where annie mccormick is standing by with the latest from there. hi, annie. >> reporter: hey rick, can you hear nora you can hear people giving up cheers. we're getting waves of those cheers, you see the crowds applause and see the cell phones going up.
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there's a group of young priests that are carrying out the cutout and taking pick did yours with the people waiting for the pope to arrive and hopefully get a glimpse of his holiness. another thing we saw today, people are trying to get his attention. take a look at this video this pair of newlyweds got married a month ago, there's a tradition that they say the pope will bless newlyweds if they were married within a year. so they put on the same wedding attire they wore on the wedding day hoping to catch his eye. here's what they had to his. >> in rome there's a tradition if newlyweds are wearing their wedding attire come to meet the pope in his audiences, you can meet him and he gives you a blessing. >> we hope he will do that we're hoping to get close to him. we're hoping. >> reporter: and back out here
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live this is the view we have. we are at 24th and the parkway. that jumbotron is giving us a look at what's going on on the scene. that's how far away it is. you get a festive feel when you are in this part of the parkway. feels like you're part of the concert. if you have any hesitation come down, the security checkpoints are not a problem. it doesn't take too long, i see a number of people in wheelchairs and canes and the volunteers are making sure everybody is comfortable and hydrated. everybody wants a glimpse of his holiness. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> terrific. thank you, annie. now, let's take it over to brian taff and sharrie williams at eakens oval for another vantage point of this magnificent night as it's unfolding. >> reporter: hi, rick, monica,
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we are at eakens oval. it will become the center of the broadcast efforts as the night goes on. the stage will be the center of the attention. right now list of performers taking to the stage, you heard some of it just a few moments ago, jackie evancho with that soaring voice. 15 she blows our mind. i want to draw your attention to what's happening on the other side just over our left shoulder, television right, philadelphia police officers line up, their lights lit up, that is because where pope francis will begin the next papal parade on the parkway. as such all the people that will be sitting in these white chairs are lining up along the fence to get one last look at pope francis before he makes his way on the stage. he'll have a front-row seat to all the performers. >> reporter: his chair is the
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center of the stage. that's where he will be seated. we have great seats, as well. talking about the lineup we expect tonight, matt mar the canadian christian music artist will be on the stage. sister sledge, philadelphia's own and of course, and andre bocelli, the famous tenor. pope francis having the main seat this is a performance put on for him and in his honor. >> it's a word that will apply to the rest of the night can't wait to bring it to you, we'll take you back to rick williams up in embassy suites. >> it's a perfect night for the concert. the weather has been great all day long, we hope it will hold up for the rest of the weekend. let's check in with cesily
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tynan. >> reporter: i want to share a text with you that i got from the monsignor with st. mary magdalene in media. he talked about the holy father's love praying for you and good weather. monsignor if you're watching the prayers have been answered. the weekend weather will continue to be comfortable. philadelphia has dropped to 67 degrees down from a high of 72 which is two degrees below normal. a little bit on the cool side. allentown, 69. millville, 66. sea isle 67 degrees. definitely a breezy day. winds in philadelphia and atlantic city and wilmington all clocked at 15 miles per hour right now. generally out of the east/northeast. stronger in dover, 18 miles per hour. the reason why we have a battle between a high pressure overmaine and low pressure over south carolina. that high pressure will win out.
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it will continue to expand, what this will do is wedge some drier air down from the northeast. that rain band you see over virginia will be pushed farther to the south, tonight and tomorrow. future tracker showing 9:00 p.m., 63 degrees in philadelphia. if you're heading to the concert you meant a jacket. it will be cool and dry. partly cloudy heading into tomorrow morning. thick clouds south of philadelphia, 64 degrees at 9:00 a.m. heading into the afternoon we stay dry, a sprinkle south of the city. 76 degrees by 3:00 p.m. the papal mass forecast is beautiful, we'll see clouds and sunshine, it will be breezy and not as windy as today and slightly milder by 4:00 p.m. 76 degrees by 4:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., 72. a chance of showers that will not be until the pope returns to rome. our prayers have been answered. the weekend weather is looking
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beautiful. rick and monica. ♪ >> all right, thank you, cecily. you couldn't ask for any nicer weather so everyone can relax and enjoy all the fun that is left ahead. this is a city that is used to wonderful world class music agents on the parkway from jewel 4 made in america festival and another night of music right here, if you don't have plans sit back and relax we'll bring it all to you. >> i'm going to sit back and relax. >> you can't relax. >> rick, didn't you say the roots were going to make a surprise showing don't? [laughter]. >> we want to take you back out live to the festival of families. an all star lineup is slated, aretha franklin andre bocelli and the philadelphia orchestra. send your message to pope francis using #6abc messages be
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we'll be putting your comments on the screen to the pope during his live coverage of the visit to philadelphia. we'll have more coverage of the pope's day today when "action news" continues.
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>> just a majestic shot of the benjamin franklin parkway with the philadelphia museum in the background and you can see the papal stage and alter. this is where we'll have the festival of families tonight. and there's some performing going on right now on the stage, let's listen for a moment. ♪ >> this gentleman's name is matt marr. it has to be a thrill for him to be on the stage for the festival of families. ♪
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>> of course the philadelphia orchestra is going to perform tonight and the play list is something of a mystery, but they said we know the pope loves mozart and there will be mozart. [cheers and applause]. >> pope francis' historic visit
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to philadelphia began this morning at 9:42 when shepherd one touched down. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar was there and he has this report. >> reporter: it was a historic moment as pope francis stepped off the plane for the first time in philadelphia just before 9:45. the bishop shanahan high school band played rocky as the pope made his way down the steps. there to greet him, archbishop chaput, tom wolf and lisa nutter and the world meeting of families. one family was chosen to be on hand to greet the pope. the retired police officer richard bows who was shot in 2008 this a north philadelphia shootout that killed his partner patrick mcdonald. there were no speeches. he made his way to the signature
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fiat the one he has been using in the united states. he was already late and look like he he was going to head out to st. peter and paul. the pope had the driver pass in front of the high school band he noticed michael keating in a wheelchair stricken by cerebral palsy. he went toward the child and gave him a hug and blessed him. >> there's a young child that the pope is grace embracing. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> i almost fell over, excitement, i'm overjoyed. >> reporter: you were not expecting that were you. >> not at all, it was totally amazing. >> reporter: it was beautiful, he kissed him on the forward and prayed on him. it was a blessing for us. >> reporter: what was going through your mind when that was
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happening. >> i'm so thankful for the opportunity for the pope to have been near my son and to have blessed my son. >> reporter: michael has a twin brother named chris. this is a great day for you, i'm sure that made your whole day. >> it made my life. it's unbelievable. >> there's nothing that will compare to this, this day is monumental. >> reporter: one of the reasons why pope francis is so beloved by so many. at philadelphia international airport. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> and let's go live to "action news" reports -- reporter, jeff chirico who is at 7th and market street east. you're watching people moving toward the parkway for the festives, looks like the crowds
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dwindled in your area. >> reporter: we got a sense of the passion and the love that the people have for pope francis. let me explain why, we've been here on market street, because of the security these barriers were placed up. we were told the pope was not coming down this route with the motorcade, yet they stayed. let me show it what it look lood like. thousands of people lined up, even though we told them they were not coming. the closest among them got to see pope francis a block away. he came in his popemobile and came the opposite way. despite this, folks we spoke with not disappointed by that very little glimpse they got. >> he is very inspiring. he is a champion, you see through all his messages, it is all about the poor and helping the poor. >> it was a once in a lifetime
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experience for us. we're close to home. it was something for the boys to experience. i've never experienced anything like this. it was just a family had fun. >> you were out here for how long? >> about five hours. >> reporter: did you see him? >> we saw a glimpse of him, we got a little video of him that was more than a enough. it was a great experience. >> what do you think of pope francis? >> he is awesome. >> reporter: he's awesome. that's a compliment i'm sure pope francis would embrace from any child. now you said the folks from the security and media are leaving the independence mall making their way towards the parkway. this has been quite a day, as many people and good feelings, peace and love among the people here. despite the small little glimpse they got happy to be in the same city with the holy father.
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live on market street channel 6 "action news." jeff chirico. >> we'll go to chad cad live on the ben franklin bridge -- chad perdelli, live on the ben franklin bridge. a number of people in the audience walking back to new jersey. >> reporter: yes, they are making the trek back into camden. this is the scene we've seen all day. light crowds, a few people trickling to the pennsylvania side. for the most part we have not seen large crowds. we've seen groups of two, three hundred people singing and chanting making their way to philadelphia getting to see the pope. it was light security as they checked baggage. officials said 2 to 3,000 people made the two mile walk, talking with people they said it's a small price to pay to get a chance to see pope francis. >> it's exciting, it's once in
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a lifetime, i assume. it was 36 years ago i wasn't alive. we're here for the whole event of it. >> looking forward to the energy and excitement that will be around with the holy father being here, he inspires a lot of people. >> reporter: and jim, you can see on this side it is shut down to pedestrian traffic. that's just for emergency vehicles. this side of the bridge came in handy earlier today. new jersey state police say they had a kidney transport patient that needed to be rushed from new jersey over to jefferson hospital. the emergency vehicles made their way down the ben franklin bridge on this side to jefferson where a kidney was waiting them. certainly this day is blessed in more ways than one. despite the people walking across the ben franklin bridge many people have been taking patco, roughly 15,000 people used patco to get into philadelphia. you can buy tickets tomorrow at one of four patco stations
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traveling from camden from new jersey to philadelphia. plenty of parking the camden county freeholders want people who are undecided you can park along the waterfront, you have to register online. take patco across and it's not too longful a walk. the mood out here in philadelphia has been so tremendous and everyone having a fabulous time in the city of brotherly love. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, chad. we'll take another look live on stage on the benjamin franklin parkway. this is the center of activity tonight. this is the focus of our attention tonight, this is the festival of families! and "action news" continues in just a moment.
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>> in the view from sky6 live hd from our new parkway studio overlooking the parkway and beyond to eakens oval. the parkway was pattern was designed after the shawnt -- chant in paris. let's go live to david henry. you've been keeping track of the biggest security event in history of the city. in 12 1/2 hours, the ts agents have nothing to do. they have shut down this checkpoint at broad and chestnut. it was the busiest throughout the day. 20,000 people, plus, passing through here. we have video to show you earlier. is they decided to shut this
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checkpoint town early because the crush of human was so great there was a danger of filling the entire street between the checkpoint and city hall. people were starting to pile up and back up at city hall. they had nowhere to go, there's a danger with another couple thousand people waiting outside the checkpoint that they would back up and cause a difficult situation here. so everything quiet right now, but for hours, people waiting for three hours or more and then they were shut down at the checkpoint and turned away to go to another less congested area. despite that, despite all the travails they have been through today. everybody kept a positive attitude. >> just to be in the presence of the pope and all these other catholics, it helps you realize you are not alone. there are other people who believe the same things you believe, and you can meet incredible people, too, being down here. >> a lot of people down here making friends.


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